Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015-16 Performance Teams

Petite Team
Aspen Bunce
Emily Ceja
Brynlee DeRoche
Jessalynn Elordi
Kandice Payne

Jr. Team
Whitney Blackner
Ella Carlson
Emery Carter
Naomi Ceja
Nayeli Ceja
Abbey DePew
Shea Elordi
Taeli Elordi
Britney Ivie
Bailey Jimenez
Madysen Miller
Whitney Newman
Emma Nield
Ellie Whitworth
Lauryn Yancey

 Sr. Team
McKylee Batchelor
Emilee Buck
Zoey Carter
Brynn Clayson
Mazzie Colvin
Kaitlyn Cornell
Jenny Hatch
Shelby Johnson
Kassidy Payne
Trynity Sharples
Hallie Sorenson
Bently Weaver

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

Classes start in just 4 DAYS! :)

I can hardly sit still I'm so excited!

Here are just a few reminders before classes start:

No classes will be held on Labor Day- Monday, September 1st.  (We make up this day the week of Thanksgiving.)  All classes start on Tuesday, September 2nd.

-There are only 8 months of classes this year.  Tuition is based on 31 weeks of classes divided into 8 payments.

-I do not always send out payment reminders and statements.  You are responsible to know what is expected for payments throughout the year.  It has been sent out and is posted online.

-The Gymnastics Showcase and Dance Recitals are three weeks earlier this year.  What does this mean?  I have to order costumes one month earlier than normal and have class pictures one week earlier.  So
costume balances will be due with OCTOBER tuition.

-This year our Dance Recitals will start one hour earlier than in the past.  The Matinee show will start at Noon and the Evening Recital will start at 6:00pm.  We decided to try this so that the little ones aren't out so late.

-We are implementing PARENT VISIT WEEKS-The first week of November, February and April.  Parents will get to go into the classroom and observe their children.  Invitations will be sent out.

-This year there will be
No Parents Allowed in classes If your child cannot go into class without you they are not quite ready for classes.  All of the students are a little nervous the first couple of weeks.  We will work with them.  If after four classes you/we decide that it just won't work I will refund your September tuition and registration fee.  But, it takes about 4 weeks for them to really feel comfortable in class. 

-All class members will enter their classroom together.  They will line up outside and wait for their instructors to lead them into classes.  Please arrive a little early so that they can be in line on time

-No students will be allowed to barge into class late.  I know that sounds extreme- it is most disruptive to the class.  It's usually not the child's fault that they are late for class.  They will get to observe through the window until their class takes a break.  Then they will get to join the rest of the class.  If our instructors know that there is a late student watching from the window I have advised them to take their break earlier than normal.  :)  We aren't trying to punish them.  We are trying to teach respect and punctuality.  I hope you appreciate this and understand the reasoning behind it.  It will be strictly enforced from now on.

-All students are required to wear proper class attire.  No jeans for gymnastics.  No pajamas for jazz.  Hair IN A BUN for ballet.  No exceptions.

This year is going to be our BEST YEAR YET!  The theme for the dance recitals is "Lights, Camera, Dancin' ".

I am all "jazzed" for classes this year and so is my staff.  We are thankful that you chose us to teach you and your children.  We will not let you down.  See you all next week!

Love, Keri & Staff

Monday, May 19, 2014

2014-15 Performance Teams Results

Ella Carlson
Emery Carter
Zoey Carter
Kodi Cooper
Abigail DePew
Sydney Hansen
Rylie Marsden
Maylee Murdoch
Whitney Newman
Zoey Poulsen
Trynity Sharples
Hallie Sorenson
Jordyn Watkins
Kendyl Watkins
Ellie Whitworth

Emilee Buck
Mazzie Colvin
Kaitlyn Cornell
Ashton Cowley
Brittany Crook
Mikayla Dickinson
Shelby Johnson
Isabella Long
Tayler Parsons
Kassidy Payne
Kenzie Payne
Lesley Warner
Bently Weaver
Savannah Wootan

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013-14 Performance Teams Results

Petite Team      
1.       Icelynn Bird
2.       Ella Carlson                        
3.       Emery Carter
4.       Kodi Cooper
5.       Tahnea Johnson
6.       Madi Messick   
7.       Maylee Murdoch
8.       Zoey Poulsen    
9.   Abby Walton
10.   Kendyl Watkins
11.   Lauren Yancey  

Jr. Team
1.       MaKenna Bateman
2.       Emilee Buck
3.       Zoey Carter
4.       Adeline Christensen      
5.       Mazie Colvin     
6.       Kaitlyn Cornell
7.       Aubree Dickinson
8.       Sydney Hansen   
9.   Shaylee Johnson
10.   Talea Murdoch
11.   Tayler Parsons                  
12.   Bentley Weaver                                                              
13.   Olivia Wootan   

Sr. Team
1.       MiKayla Covert
2.       Brittany Crook
3.       MiKayla Dickinson
4.       Rebecca Erickson
5.       Shelby Johnson                                                               
6.       Isabella Long                                     
7.       Kassidy Payne                                  
8.       Kenzie Payne    
9.       Lesley Warner  
10.   Savannah Wootan